Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kangan Millinery Soiree 2013

Anyone who has studied Cert 3 millinery at Kangan will be all too familiar with the toil, stress and drama that goes into creating the annual millinery soiree. As was said on the night, it's almost a rite of passage for students, and it's a rite that despite the stress, usually has an extremely rewarding outcome.

Coming back this year as a past student it was amazing to see how effortless and professional the whole event was, and of course how fabulous the hats looked!

This year's theme was "The Goddess Within" and racing fashion goddess, Anna Mott, kicked-off the show with a Q & A session on her experiences running Racing Fashion Australia. This was followed by the highlight of the evening, the catwalk show where the models certainly looked goddess-like as they sashayed down the catwalk in their silk togas and gorgeous hats, with hair and make-up expertly done by the Hair & Beauty students at Kangan. It was a most excellent show.

Afterwards many canapes were eaten, drinks consumed and the wonderful displays of students work taken in by the guests, in the newly built Centre of Fashion at Kangan. I've picked out some photos of my favourite millinery moments below so you can relive the magic :)

It was an inspiring evening and I just want to say well done to the Cert 3 students for putting on such a fabulous event, and of course the tutors Paris Kyne, Serena Lindeman and Melissa Jackson for their expert guidance.

AA x

(Apologies - I didn't quite get the names of all the creators of the pieces in the pictures below,  so just get in touch if you want to be credited for your fantastic work.)

Alison Handley - What a great statement piece
Julie Craggill's stunning creation - just look at the detail in the shadows

A colourful piece from Sam Vause 
Another one from Sam Vause
Love this one from Leteisha Knecht
Lauren Ritchie - Lauren is such a superb craftswoman
Bree Comber - Going excellently down the steampunk path
Being a big fan of shoes and hats and studs, this collection was always going to be a winner with me!  

Such a great display - J'adore!

Paulina Primos - What a beautiful rose 
Olivia Schwartz - I loved the gothic fairytale feel of this collection
Olivia Schwartz - Is it a book? Is it a bird? I think it's both, I think it's amazing! 
Amanda Dudley - Amanda had some stunning pieces, all just oozed quality 
Another Amanda Dudley creation - I wish I'd taken a full shot of this incredible headpiece
Malissa Puyol - An explosion of colour! 
I'm a big fan of Julie Craggill's work, it's always so stylish and well made
Julie Craggill - A spectacular piece
Julie Craggill
Alex Sorensen - Alex always adds amazing and delicate detail to her pieces 
Alex Sorensen - Look at that handiwork! 
Emma Brennan - prize winner on the night, with her gorgeous pink collection 

Emma Brennan - Look at those flowers!! 
Emma Brennan 
Sheila Paul - Sheila has such an amazing way with bold colours 
Alison Handley - This looked spectacular on the catwalk

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