Monday, January 31, 2011

Herbert's Got a Brand New Hat

Doesn't he look handsome?!
I picked this sexy furry orange trilby (yes those 4 words can coexist!) up at the weekend at the coincidentally named Top Hat Antiques 873 High Street Northcote. Although the name is slightly misleading (it doesn't really specialise in hats although it has a few) it does have a hat load of vintage gems. Worth a second look at any rate. The hat is a beaver fur felt by Calvert of Northern Ireland, I can't find any information about them, but it looks from the styling on the label as though its from the 50's, although styling wise I'm not sure - it looks a bit out there for the 50's!

What was definitely worth more that a second look though was the breakfast at Penny Farthing Espresso. Delishous! I had green pea and sage bruschetta, topped with poached egg and smoked salmon. *Stomach rumbles at thought* Need to go back there! Apparently it had only just opened too, good find!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big fat foot fetishes - Jeffrey Campbell I'm in LOVE!

I know hats are my thing, but I am a bit partial (who isn't?!) to a fabulous pair of shoes. I've just discovered Jeffrey Campbell and I'm not sure where he's been all my life, but I have fallen hard and fast and I know it's only going to end in pain... on my wallet! Maaan, I'm pretty sure you are going to feel the same way too.

Giving in to the seductive temptation of awesome shoes and free international postage (WOW!), I ordered these babies. I am particularly excited about how lengthy they are going to make my little peg legs look. LOOK AT THE PLATFORM! You can order yours here at Solestruck, another addiction in the making!
Jeffrey Campbell - Brisbane Low. Simply.Orgasmic.

Jeffrey Campbell - 99 Blue Suede Shoes. 

And I haven't ordered these beauties below, but I'm slightly fantasizing about it... I may have missed the boat though as I can't find any online in my size, such is the punishment for being behind the times on such hotness! They also come in silver, pink, black, grey, suede, patent, you name it. 5" heels, 2" platforms!!!

Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy Wood Gold. Wet dream

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Justin Smith and Celebrations!

Well today marks hopefully the start of my hat designing career as I got accepted on my millinery course of choice at Kangan Institute! Woo diddly hoo! Not quite Central St Martins I know, but then I am in Melbourne not London and this will be a decent little start for lil' ol' me. Very excited!

In celebration I thought I'd post some images of my favourite milliner Justin Smith Esquire, who posted his latest collection on his site in the period when I was hungover! I love the umbrella ball, mad! My collection in my head involves umbrellas so I had a slight pang of "oh no, it's been done better already", but his idea is completely different, so I'm now relieved - I don't want to be copying before I've even started!!!
Enjoy :o)
J. Smith Esq Umbrella Ball

J Smith Esq Sequin Star

J Smith Esq. Turban

J. Smith Esq. Stained Glass Queen

J Smith Esq. Folded Trilby

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tejal Patni and a lesson in the surreal

For those of you that follow the Trendland Blog (you should) this will be rehashed old news, but I had to repost it not only because of the amazing photography, but because there's some pretty damn fine headwear amongst it which needs to be shared....

Tejal Patni is an Indian fashion photographer who's star must surely be on the rise, blinkin' marvellous he is; moody, surreal, quirky and humourous, just they way I like it. I could spend hours browsing his website and in fact have... but that's possibly because the site seems to force some commitment from you before it provides the most delicious juice. As it should!

I would also love to know who designed all of these fabulous creations, as there's some stunning raw material here.

Is this not one of the greatest dresses ever designed?

But if you thought the photography was good, spend a moment checking out his Splash Calendar. It's a whole new level of wonderment - every month complete with magical styling, futuristic headwear and hair design, and clothing from another dimension. I'm smitten

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fat Helens and the Return of the Hat

I've been M.I.A. round these cyberparts for a while, no I haven't forgotten about the hats, no no no the dream is still alive and well, and I haven't been travelling to Kathmandu and finding myself or anything worthwhile like that, I was more losing myself then finding anything but I did have a frikkin awesome party season! My God, it's been good... semi-permanent hangover for months WHEN WILL I GROW UP????? No one is doing a better job of smashing the wiseness from their braincells then me!  

Anyway to break the hiatus, here's a post I've been meaning to get round to for ages about one of my favourite vintage dens of all time - Fat Helens in Windsor (Melbourne). Kitscher than Jesus in a Vegas chapel, I mean where else can you find copies of 70's Playboy magazines complete with vintage muff shots, and fake turds on the same shelf (not fake turds in Playboy mind, I don't think they've ever gone that far!) ALL of my best outfits have come from this place, as well as my every growing collection of useless coloured glass wear. I think there are well over a million sequins in this shop and I've bought 100,000 of them! The best thing about it is Helen doesn't charge you ridiculous prices, she's gold. And you can always find a good hat in this place just in case you were wondering!

Take a peek at this cavern of curious delight:   
Windor's next top model

Scout and about

Believe it or not this wall of holographic divinity is the changing room door!

You've always needed one of these, admit it

Shoes free with every plastic bag purchase

I wonder if they're regretting those tattoos?

Shit Hot

Yes you do need all that plastic fruit...

Sign of the Times