Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big fat foot fetishes - Jeffrey Campbell I'm in LOVE!

I know hats are my thing, but I am a bit partial (who isn't?!) to a fabulous pair of shoes. I've just discovered Jeffrey Campbell and I'm not sure where he's been all my life, but I have fallen hard and fast and I know it's only going to end in pain... on my wallet! Maaan, I'm pretty sure you are going to feel the same way too.

Giving in to the seductive temptation of awesome shoes and free international postage (WOW!), I ordered these babies. I am particularly excited about how lengthy they are going to make my little peg legs look. LOOK AT THE PLATFORM! You can order yours here at Solestruck, another addiction in the making!
Jeffrey Campbell - Brisbane Low. Simply.Orgasmic.

Jeffrey Campbell - 99 Blue Suede Shoes. 

And I haven't ordered these beauties below, but I'm slightly fantasizing about it... I may have missed the boat though as I can't find any online in my size, such is the punishment for being behind the times on such hotness! They also come in silver, pink, black, grey, suede, patent, you name it. 5" heels, 2" platforms!!!

Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy Wood Gold. Wet dream


  1. I need to get me some of those Blue Suede Shoes!

  2. The Blue Suede shoes have just arrived, and I have NEVER been stopped by so many people on the street when wearing a pair of shoes. In the space of 5 minutes 2 women literally grabbed me on the street asking where I'd got them from. Everyone I have walked past today has expressed love. You need them! x