Thursday, January 27, 2011

Justin Smith and Celebrations!

Well today marks hopefully the start of my hat designing career as I got accepted on my millinery course of choice at Kangan Institute! Woo diddly hoo! Not quite Central St Martins I know, but then I am in Melbourne not London and this will be a decent little start for lil' ol' me. Very excited!

In celebration I thought I'd post some images of my favourite milliner Justin Smith Esquire, who posted his latest collection on his site in the period when I was hungover! I love the umbrella ball, mad! My collection in my head involves umbrellas so I had a slight pang of "oh no, it's been done better already", but his idea is completely different, so I'm now relieved - I don't want to be copying before I've even started!!!
Enjoy :o)
J. Smith Esq Umbrella Ball

J Smith Esq Sequin Star

J Smith Esq. Turban

J. Smith Esq. Stained Glass Queen

J Smith Esq. Folded Trilby

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