Monday, January 31, 2011

Herbert's Got a Brand New Hat

Doesn't he look handsome?!
I picked this sexy furry orange trilby (yes those 4 words can coexist!) up at the weekend at the coincidentally named Top Hat Antiques 873 High Street Northcote. Although the name is slightly misleading (it doesn't really specialise in hats although it has a few) it does have a hat load of vintage gems. Worth a second look at any rate. The hat is a beaver fur felt by Calvert of Northern Ireland, I can't find any information about them, but it looks from the styling on the label as though its from the 50's, although styling wise I'm not sure - it looks a bit out there for the 50's!

What was definitely worth more that a second look though was the breakfast at Penny Farthing Espresso. Delishous! I had green pea and sage bruschetta, topped with poached egg and smoked salmon. *Stomach rumbles at thought* Need to go back there! Apparently it had only just opened too, good find!

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