Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stepping back in fashion time

I mentioned I found some amazing slides of 60's/70's Americana in Chapel St Bazaar at the weekend,  well I think you need to see them, at least the ones with hats and classic fashions. They are gold, almost not real. Like someone has dressed up for the day in grandma's clothes. Who are these people and what were the good times that they're having....? I would love to know!

I just love this photo, check out the pillbox-veil combo! And those satin shoes, the chokers and the skirts.
It's images like this that make smoking look cool, it isn't, but she makes it look so easy!
The hat, the hair, the glasses, the flower, the jacket, I can't say any more!
The picture of effortless chic in those amazing printed pants
Just a good old fashioned knees up!
The original Madmen silhouette
Who knew horn rims and canary yellow twin sets could look so striking?! The lady in black knows how to rock a scarf too!
The car and the coat are a match made in retro heaven
Rupert the Bear pants in Rockabilly stylings

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hats at Lanvin FW2011

So I'm working my way up to doing a proper review of the hat trends which galloped down the A/W 2011 runways in the last few weeks, but seeing as the Lanvin pictures conveniently put themselves in my inbox this morning, I can put these up now.
The mood at Lanvin was muted and serious with blacks, browns, felts and very wide brim action. This collection was about work not play. And power, lots of power, and maybe country sports, tally ho and whip cracking in the office!

Do not mess with this lady, she'll steal your kids and hide 'em in that hat!

My favourite Lanvin Look of the Lot

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hat Sensation!

Today was a good retail therapy day for me, not only did I find an amazing set of totally Mad Men-esque slides of 60's America in Chapel St Bazaar (I might post some another day, they are devine darrrling), but I found Melbourne's newest hat shop; The Hat Mansion in Greville St, Prahran. It's a beauty and just what Melbourne needs - there are not enough quality hat shops in this city of horse racing and (sometime) sunshine. I'll post about the shop soon as I think you need to be in the know too!
Anyway,  from the new-found hat haven I purchased a rather fab cream, wool-felt bowler hat which I have fallen a little in love with. It's by Melbourne-based label Crochetta Collections, but I have accessorised it slightly with a red feathered hacklepad and button. I couldn't resist, the red and the cream together have a certain je ne sais something special. Strawberries and cream, fire and ice.
Loleatta is the lovely lady modelling it today and I think she pulls it off well, take a peek:

A disco tribute to Ms Holloway
 Loleatta needed cheering up as this week her namesake, the one and only Loleatta "Love Sensation" Holloway, sadly passed away. RIP Loleatta, your voice has been setting the world's dancefloors alight since the 70's and won't ever stop :o(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calling all hat lovers and milliners of Melbourne

Next Thursday (31st March) will be the first of hopefully many millinery trade nights  at Kangan Institute in Richmond, held in association with the Millinery Association of Australia. Milliners and all those other fantastically useful people that help milliners do what they do best, will be attending to sell (or trade) you materials, blocks, trimmings and all the other things you need to make a great hat brilliant! You never know you might pick up that irredescent, gold beaded, glow-in-the-dark strawbraid you've always been after... :o)

The invite is below, but it if you want to attend even though it says the due date for RSVPs is tonight, I've been reliably informed you can still come along but please send an RSVP to Liz so they know numbers.  

Thursday 31st March
6.30pm - 8.30pm
Kangan Institute, 85 Cremorne St Richmond
Room D201

Word on the street is that milliners and suppliers such as Richard Nylon, Paris Kyne, Serena Lindeman, Torb & Reiner, Robin Rivett, and Betty Sneddon will be in attendance to flaunt their wares and maybe purchase yours.
Be there or be square!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Atelier Philippe Urban

Thanks to the Hat Supply Facebook page I came across the fantastic Philippe Urban, a Canadian milliner from Montreal who makes fabulous felt hats from intricately cut patterns, beautifully shaped into many wonderful and varied designs. 
His blog is great reading too and gives you a great insight into the processes he goes through to produce his marvellous creations.

And, he also has a rather fine range of bags that you should also check out, what more can a girl want eh?!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kid Gloves & Crown Jewels

New toys, new toys, new toys!
Rubber glove moulds - best jewellery stands ever, purchase of the year (Ta Rosie)!
This porcelain delight is thanks to Tarlo & Graham, who have a rather a fine display of hands and fingers in their window at the moment. Check it out next time you are wondering/wandering round Windsor and get one for your own crown jewels.
Going digital
Fingerprints included
Rubber Palm D'Or
Lost a tooth? I think I have it, get in touch!
Made in the summer of 69
I should have dusted...!

Rubber glove mould: Tarlo & Graham, Windsor
Vintage silver purse: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham UK
Ribcage necklace: Black Jewls, Julie Parker, Melbourne
Tooth necklace: State of Design Festival
Jaw Bone Necklace: Vintage & Contemporary, Brunswick St

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mad Hatter of the Year - Johnny Depp

Celebrity Hat Wearer of the Year... 
I love the fact that this contest exists... although actually lets rewind that, in retrospect come to think of it, isn't it like one of those tragic awards which through either product insecurity or branded promotional opportunity seem to think that crowning a "Celebrity" wearer will make them uber hip? And the general public will like them. And they will sell more things. HATS DON'T NEED THIS!
I'm thinking of "Celebrity Glasses Wearers of the Year" contests, even "Celebrity Mothers of the Year" polls both of which always seem to be won by so called "women of the people" like ex Pop Idol contestants. Obviously. Celebrity mothers do not make me want to be one folks, even if it is trendy to replace your chihuahua with a rugrat! I never had a chihuahua to replace.

Anyway, I do love the fact that Johnny Depp won this, I mean who else, seriously? I'm sure his little dalliance as the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland didn't do him any harm either, but hot in a hat he his.
I also love how the US Headwear Association of just 271 FB fans (as at today) have managed to get this as front page entertainment news the world over. Hats Off to them!

 Really this is just a damn good excuse to unashamedly post pictures of Johnny Depp!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Space Helmets - Dervishes in Space

Riese Farbaute - Dervishes in Space

If only they all looked like this, then I think we'd be fighting for seats on the next NASA mission!
I would like to be in the Dervishes in Space program please, I already have the outfit and am an excellent dervish when I put my mind to it... Fully qualified!
The films are produced by production company Riese Farbaute, and are a "fashion film trilogy
revolving around three futuristic space travelers. When their space station crosses an unknown energy field, the astrogirls are transcended into a hyper-reality where their inmost desires and fears become uncannily vivid"…. Really quite spaceadelic, etherial, mesmerising and beautiful. 2001 A Space Odyssey all the way, a journey of my dreams. Take a look and tell me you don't want to be a fashion space traveller...
If only I knew who designed the headgear. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

STOP PRESS: The Selby in Melbourne

Any reader of this blog will know there's been a mention or two to the Selby (and Melbourne's own Selby) in the past. I like where he goes, and his angle on interviewing, it's unique.
Well folks, you can get your own bit of Todd Selby action this weekend as he hits Melbourne. 5pm - 7pm, 15-25 Keele St, Collingwood

I'm there, just trying to work out what to ask him, maybe if he can draw his friends in his living room at 7pm on a Saturday night... I think I can do better!

Watch this film, incredible, I get slightly excited about all those leather hides, IMAGINE the hats! Mitch Alfus seems a character and I think fair to say a boss unlike any other, go the cigar - very Jimmy Saville!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hair of the Dog

This can only make your day go better.

Don't you just want to pat it! Go on, give it a stroke.... how can you resist, it's the 21st century poodle perm, all the rage in legwarmers at a gymnasium near you - Kylie's getting an upgrade next week! 
21st Century poodle
20th Century Poodle
And while we're on the subject of Ms Stevie Nicks, here's her second finest piece of work after that fringe...

All thanks go to Miss P for delivery of today's piece of canine inspiration... x