Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kid Gloves & Crown Jewels

New toys, new toys, new toys!
Rubber glove moulds - best jewellery stands ever, purchase of the year (Ta Rosie)!
This porcelain delight is thanks to Tarlo & Graham, who have a rather a fine display of hands and fingers in their window at the moment. Check it out next time you are wondering/wandering round Windsor and get one for your own crown jewels.
Going digital
Fingerprints included
Rubber Palm D'Or
Lost a tooth? I think I have it, get in touch!
Made in the summer of 69
I should have dusted...!

Rubber glove mould: Tarlo & Graham, Windsor
Vintage silver purse: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham UK
Ribcage necklace: Black Jewls, Julie Parker, Melbourne
Tooth necklace: State of Design Festival
Jaw Bone Necklace: Vintage & Contemporary, Brunswick St

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