Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hat Sensation!

Today was a good retail therapy day for me, not only did I find an amazing set of totally Mad Men-esque slides of 60's America in Chapel St Bazaar (I might post some another day, they are devine darrrling), but I found Melbourne's newest hat shop; The Hat Mansion in Greville St, Prahran. It's a beauty and just what Melbourne needs - there are not enough quality hat shops in this city of horse racing and (sometime) sunshine. I'll post about the shop soon as I think you need to be in the know too!
Anyway,  from the new-found hat haven I purchased a rather fab cream, wool-felt bowler hat which I have fallen a little in love with. It's by Melbourne-based label Crochetta Collections, but I have accessorised it slightly with a red feathered hacklepad and button. I couldn't resist, the red and the cream together have a certain je ne sais something special. Strawberries and cream, fire and ice.
Loleatta is the lovely lady modelling it today and I think she pulls it off well, take a peek:

A disco tribute to Ms Holloway
 Loleatta needed cheering up as this week her namesake, the one and only Loleatta "Love Sensation" Holloway, sadly passed away. RIP Loleatta, your voice has been setting the world's dancefloors alight since the 70's and won't ever stop :o(

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