Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mad Hatter of the Year - Johnny Depp

Celebrity Hat Wearer of the Year... 
I love the fact that this contest exists... although actually lets rewind that, in retrospect come to think of it, isn't it like one of those tragic awards which through either product insecurity or branded promotional opportunity seem to think that crowning a "Celebrity" wearer will make them uber hip? And the general public will like them. And they will sell more things. HATS DON'T NEED THIS!
I'm thinking of "Celebrity Glasses Wearers of the Year" contests, even "Celebrity Mothers of the Year" polls both of which always seem to be won by so called "women of the people" like ex Pop Idol contestants. Obviously. Celebrity mothers do not make me want to be one folks, even if it is trendy to replace your chihuahua with a rugrat! I never had a chihuahua to replace.

Anyway, I do love the fact that Johnny Depp won this, I mean who else, seriously? I'm sure his little dalliance as the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland didn't do him any harm either, but hot in a hat he his.
I also love how the US Headwear Association of just 271 FB fans (as at today) have managed to get this as front page entertainment news the world over. Hats Off to them!

 Really this is just a damn good excuse to unashamedly post pictures of Johnny Depp!

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