Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stepping back in fashion time

I mentioned I found some amazing slides of 60's/70's Americana in Chapel St Bazaar at the weekend,  well I think you need to see them, at least the ones with hats and classic fashions. They are gold, almost not real. Like someone has dressed up for the day in grandma's clothes. Who are these people and what were the good times that they're having....? I would love to know!

I just love this photo, check out the pillbox-veil combo! And those satin shoes, the chokers and the skirts.
It's images like this that make smoking look cool, it isn't, but she makes it look so easy!
The hat, the hair, the glasses, the flower, the jacket, I can't say any more!
The picture of effortless chic in those amazing printed pants
Just a good old fashioned knees up!
The original Madmen silhouette
Who knew horn rims and canary yellow twin sets could look so striking?! The lady in black knows how to rock a scarf too!
The car and the coat are a match made in retro heaven
Rupert the Bear pants in Rockabilly stylings

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