Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Hat on the Block - The Hat Mansion

People of Melbourne, The Hat Mansion is here to solve all your headwear problems!
I stumbled upon it on Saturday afternoon whilst on one of those aimless Saturday wanders that I'm quite talented at, and I must say it's a great addition to (the seemingly rejuvenated of late), Greville Street in Prahran.
You know when you want a hat, you're not sure what you want, but you know you want something simple, classic and ever so stylish and have absolutely no idea where to start, and also know the search will involve the inevitable clueless traipse round every clothes store you can think of, result in pain and probably the purchase of something NQR. Well now you can just go to the Hat Mansion to sort you out!
The shop is beautiful, they've gone for that classic 1930's elegance, but with a modern twist, making it a tres glam place to visit. They stock most classic styles; trilbys, fedoras, bowlers, panamas, caps, boaters, cocktail hats and racing specials, in a range of prices, and go for that understated and effortlessly stylish look. They have pieces by Eugenia Kim, Christina Kramer and Crochetta and also quite ingeniously, if you want that "ain't I cool, ain't I rich" piece for a special occasion and don't have a spare $2k to splash out, a hire service where pieces by Richard Nylon, Peter Bettley, Kerrie Stanley and Kim Fletcher can be rented.  
When I dropped by part owner Andy was more than happy to answer all my questions and tell me all about the store and their big plans for the future. You should drop in too and take a look!  

Eugenia Kim

Crochetta - I bought one of these beauties

The wonderful chandelier. Not for sale!

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