Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted Halloween Hats & The Underground Cinema

I apologise for the total lameness of this post in advance, I'm tired, it's Friday and I'm full of excuses. However, I've just realised (yes, I've only just emerged from the rock I call workload) that it's Halloween this weekend  wa ha ha haaaaaaa! So if you are going trick or treating or maybe just having a good old fashioned spooky knees up, here's what all good ghouls will be wearing on their head:

God yes I am ashamed, that was utter cheap tatt... but then so is Halloween!

However if you're to cool for ghoulish pranks, then I highly recommend you try Halloween at the Underground Cinema for size this weekend... They always put on a totally dressed-up fantastic surprise show in a secret location in Melbourne city, all in the spirit of the suspense and good times.
. Shhhhh (and make sure you dress up!). Expect the unexpected!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cool for Caps

Take look at this bunch of unruly misfits and hatsters, I think they need to be hanging on a head near you!
These guys are so officially c to the double-o l, you shouldn't step out in a heatwave without one.
So who are they? Well to celebrate their 90th birthday, New Era the headwear and apparel brand probably most famed for the NY Yankees cap-craze in the 90s, invited 90 international design students to develop their own customised New Era 59FIFTY. The final works will be exhibited in galleries across Europe throughout November accompanied by a New Era XC collectors book containing images of the 90 designs. 

If you live in Europe and want to see it, these are the dates (sorry I don't know venues):

4-7 November  - London
11-13 November  - Berlin
18-20 November  - Milan
25-27 November  - Barcelona
2-4 December  - Paris

And who was the winner of this prestigious competiton...??? 
To find out take a look here  .... did you pick it?!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hats for Spring Racing: Hatmaker

Today was a wonderful day, yes I know it's a Monday, but it was a wonderful Monday. Sun shining, birds singing, children farting roses, old people swearing, general stuff. But I could definitely smell summer breezing its head round the bend, and this makes me very happy, very happy indeed, oh yes. Winter you have been long, hard and cruel, and Spring you are such a tease, Summer is my lady.

So with such an atmosphere of wholesome joy in the air, it seemed just perfect that a website of full of hat joy should land in my inbox today.

Take a look at these beauties, what an exciting find. They are from Hatmaker by Australian milliner Jonathan Howard, who apparently is the only milliner to have ever won 'Best Australian Fashion Accessory Designer’ at the ‘Prix De Marie Claire’ awards. The hatters are moving up in the world, and with beauty like this it's hardly surprising! I for one can't wait to see more from this label.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hats for Spring Racing: Myer & David Jones

I'm just going to start by saying I can't stand Myer, particularly the tatty, drab Bourke St store and the usual exhausting fist fight mentality you need to put up to get yourself through any shopping experience there. David Jones I can usually just about bear... but not for long.

So with this in mind, I felt this little trip to see what the big guns of Australian retail had to offer for Spring Racing was particularly doomed... but I had a mildly pleasant surprise. In a spot of role reversal David Jones took on the part of the typical chaotic Myer jumble sale, and Myer which now has parts of its new store open (yeah I know this has probably been the case for ages, but as I said, I'm not a fan and avoid at all costs) was the fresh lead actor, well laid out with a great selection. Their website also has handy race wear hints and tips for those needing help in the fashion stakes. Win all round. 

The highlights: The Gregory Ladner collection, at DJs but Myer was the star with great offerings by Millinery giants such as Philip Treacy, Stephen Jones, Phillip Rhodes, Richard Nylon to name a few.

But to finish, if you want a cheap ordinary looking straw, feather, flower combo David Jones should be able to cater for your needs, but if you dare to go with flair, check out Myer. Personally designers wise for affordability and a bit of Je ne sais quoi, I thought Gregory Ladner's collections in both stores was the pick of the bunch, but if you have cash to flash go Stephen Jones at Myer. 

Red fun with Gregory Ladner @ David Jones

A bit of the Mad Hatter @ David Jones

Gregory Ladner @ David Jones

Gregory Ladner @ David Jones

Richard Nylon @ Myer (as modelled by Jen Hawkins on the Myer website)

Gregory Ladner @ Myer

Stephen Jones @ Myer

Phillip Treacy @ Myer

Richard Nylon @ Myer

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop Press: Stephen Jones at Melbourne Cup!!!

Yes folks it's true, the millinery legend is gracing these fair shores for the nags at Melbourne Cup, just thought I needed to let you know. Let it out like. It's p.r.e.t.t.y exciting. Don't you think?!
Far more exciting than their previous so called celebrity guests - Carlson Cresley WTF???

As a little Brucie Bonus, you can even go see him talk at the NGV next Tuesday night... if you are a Victorian Racing Club member that is.

I'm not, but through an error bad planning I can't make it anyway, I'm going to see Pat Benatar, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD my friends. Yep, there's an excuse if ever I heard one, it doesn't get much better than that. Pat in a Hat.

So by coincidence I was walking through Myer yesterday checking out the racewear, and I'm not just saying this but I came across Stephen Jones's offerings and they totally were the best.... but just a little out of my price range. This sexy little top hat and pearls was my favourite. 

Stephen Jones at Myer
 I will keep a look out for other Stephen Jones in Oz events and of course keep you posted.

Just in case you're a bit jealous about Pat, here she is with possibly the best song ever written:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hats for Spring Racing: Richard Nylon

Richard Nylon at the races
 Seeing as racing season is now upon us and hats, headwear, flowers and dresses which now look fresh in the shops, but soon no doubt will holding together fake tans and sobriety, I thought it about time to start featuring some fine Australian milliners in case you want to get your self decked out for the race track. Where better to start with the outrageous Richard Nylon, who in my books is the most creative Australian milliner out there - definitely no monster-in-law wedding hat abominations from his camp!

A display of his handiwork is currently on show in the lobby of the Langham Hotel until the 7th November - so go get yourself High Tea and an eyeful of inspiration.

 And here's a little video of him discussing Melbourne fashion and the races, enjoy:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Melbourne International Arts Festival

I'm going to confess that posting may be slim pickings this week, as I am DJing at Melbourne International Arts Festival for two nights this week (yep, I'm making myself sound more important than I am - I'm part of the afterparty not the main event!) although I will try my damndest to write something vaguely interesting. Promise. I will.

But here's some highlights from the Festival that you should check out, even if you aren't in Melbourne, it's like, international arts, so look out for some of these cats when they visit your hometown:
Michael Clark Company - Come, been and gone

"Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll! In the hands of the man described by The UK Independent as “one of the most exciting, even revolutionary, forces in British dance”, contemporary dance has never looked so good"

Hotel Pro-forma - Tomorrow, In a Year
"Hotel Pro Forma’s striking imagery blends with Scandinavian electro-pop masters
The Knife’s groundbreaking music to create a new species of electro dance opera"
Personally one I'm really looking forward too, sure to be an aural and visual feast.

Hiroaki Umeda - Adapting for Distortion & Haptic

"Digital sounds, neon-coloured lighting and minimalist movement combine to create a technologically-charged world controlled by Japanese performer Hiroaki Umeda"

Another one me myself am a a tad excited for, you can't go wrong with a bit of Japanese futurist dance. I'm a bit of a dance freak.

Seven Songs to Leave Behind - Closing Night
"Join Sinead O’Connor, John Cale, Meshell Ndegeocello, Rickie Lee Jones, Gurrumul Yunupingu, The Black Arm Band’s Leah Flanagan, Shellie Morris, Dan Sultan and Ursula Yovich and special guest Archie Roach to farewell the Festival with the international musical collaboration of the year" 

For me this is all about Meshell Ndegeocello, total legend. 

And if you want the afterparty (of course!), I'll be DJing there on the closing night. Seventh Heaven at the Arts Centre. 


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday feature - Justin Smith Esq in video

Fridays are quick post days, basically it’s the weekend, I’m sure no-ones reading and generally I want to go out and do some disco dancing. This week is especially exciting as balearo-disco aficionado Mark Seven is playing at Revolver and my feet are itching for some dancefloor action.
Anyway, in case you are reading and want some informative entertainment, today’s Friday friendly feature are some brilliant interviews I found on the Toob with the brilliant to the power of brilliant Justin Smith Esq. My love for him has just grown full to exploding point. He’s just so hot damn diggety frikken cool. Big wet tongue kisses to this.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All my loves in one

I say Dear, you seem to have a growth on your head
Things I like: 
Crazy textures
Rare disco music
Stuffed animals
The slightly odd

6 out of 8 in one get up can’t be sniffed at and the only way I think this whole little ensemble could be beaten was if there was a stuffed frog sitting in the middle of it, dancing around to the sounds of Larry Levan - something I’m sure isn’t beyond the realms of possible…with a little resurrection - I’ll drop them a line with my recommendation!

The vases are made by Floral Art LA so if you want one I’d check out the website - I haven’t worked out if they ship outside the US of A, but if you live there I’d get on it! Succulents not included though so you’ll have to get your own, but that’s not hard and on the plus side it completely lets you free to add your own frog, lizard, tarantula, scorpion, pheasant to the mix if you so desired…

To be all proper and cite my references an' all that jazz, I spotted them on the Oh Joy! blog which is always worth a look for fashion, pictures and the like.

Mr & Mrs by FloralArt LA

Monday, October 4, 2010

The wonderful world of tarlo & graham

Milliners blocks at tarlo & graham
As soon as you set a tentative foot into the mysterious tarlo & graham you immediately know you have entered something a little bit special, a unique adventure of discovery in a wonderland of joy, into an era of spectacle and discovery where the weird and wonderful comes out to play with your senses and every nook and cranny contains a story of another lifetime, another place, another world even. Time freezes and you come over all Alice as she peers through the looking glass.   

tarlo and graham is one in a million, truly unique and in a city full of vintage quirks and delights this is no small feat! I wondered in on Sunday as the marvellous Rosie (the fountain of knowledge who works in this sensational emporium) had tipped me off that they had some antique milliner's blocks for sale, and I wanted to take some photos for the blog. Well, as soon as I had started with the photos I couldn't help but get carried away in the moment, everytime I stopped to look at one delight, I saw another staring at me in the corner of my eye. That's just what happens to you when you come to this place, it's not just about the stories they have for sale, it's how they tell them. Here's what I found....

Dear me

Shedding light on matters

Me myself and eye

Hello Handsome

No cycling in here love

Employee of the month

Just chilling at tarlo & graham with my mates

Always off their heads

Old Grey

Metal Petals

Hat Blocks - what I originally came in for!
tarlo & graham is at 60 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC 3181, or you can also order online from them here:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting dressed with Anna Dello Russo for Vogue Paris Ball//

Well, I was going to post another Friday feature about the crocheted oddities that had landed in my  inbox this week (really I'm not actively seeking them out they just keep finding me!), but then this came up on the Jak & Jil blog and I just HAD to repost.

That headpiece would stop traffic in Mars, simply sensational an alien indian! Designed by Gareth Pugh, better known for his space inspired experimental pointy, inflatable, alien-like pieces on the runway, the man should do hats more often!