Monday, October 4, 2010

The wonderful world of tarlo & graham

Milliners blocks at tarlo & graham
As soon as you set a tentative foot into the mysterious tarlo & graham you immediately know you have entered something a little bit special, a unique adventure of discovery in a wonderland of joy, into an era of spectacle and discovery where the weird and wonderful comes out to play with your senses and every nook and cranny contains a story of another lifetime, another place, another world even. Time freezes and you come over all Alice as she peers through the looking glass.   

tarlo and graham is one in a million, truly unique and in a city full of vintage quirks and delights this is no small feat! I wondered in on Sunday as the marvellous Rosie (the fountain of knowledge who works in this sensational emporium) had tipped me off that they had some antique milliner's blocks for sale, and I wanted to take some photos for the blog. Well, as soon as I had started with the photos I couldn't help but get carried away in the moment, everytime I stopped to look at one delight, I saw another staring at me in the corner of my eye. That's just what happens to you when you come to this place, it's not just about the stories they have for sale, it's how they tell them. Here's what I found....

Dear me

Shedding light on matters

Me myself and eye

Hello Handsome

No cycling in here love

Employee of the month

Just chilling at tarlo & graham with my mates

Always off their heads

Old Grey

Metal Petals

Hat Blocks - what I originally came in for!
tarlo & graham is at 60 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC 3181, or you can also order online from them here: