Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All my loves in one

I say Dear, you seem to have a growth on your head
Things I like: 
Crazy textures
Rare disco music
Stuffed animals
The slightly odd

6 out of 8 in one get up can’t be sniffed at and the only way I think this whole little ensemble could be beaten was if there was a stuffed frog sitting in the middle of it, dancing around to the sounds of Larry Levan - something I’m sure isn’t beyond the realms of possible…with a little resurrection - I’ll drop them a line with my recommendation!

The vases are made by Floral Art LA so if you want one I’d check out the website - I haven’t worked out if they ship outside the US of A, but if you live there I’d get on it! Succulents not included though so you’ll have to get your own, but that’s not hard and on the plus side it completely lets you free to add your own frog, lizard, tarantula, scorpion, pheasant to the mix if you so desired…

To be all proper and cite my references an' all that jazz, I spotted them on the Oh Joy! blog which is always worth a look for fashion, pictures and the like.

Mr & Mrs by FloralArt LA

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