Monday, October 25, 2010

Hats for Spring Racing: Hatmaker

Today was a wonderful day, yes I know it's a Monday, but it was a wonderful Monday. Sun shining, birds singing, children farting roses, old people swearing, general stuff. But I could definitely smell summer breezing its head round the bend, and this makes me very happy, very happy indeed, oh yes. Winter you have been long, hard and cruel, and Spring you are such a tease, Summer is my lady.

So with such an atmosphere of wholesome joy in the air, it seemed just perfect that a website of full of hat joy should land in my inbox today.

Take a look at these beauties, what an exciting find. They are from Hatmaker by Australian milliner Jonathan Howard, who apparently is the only milliner to have ever won 'Best Australian Fashion Accessory Designer’ at the ‘Prix De Marie Claire’ awards. The hatters are moving up in the world, and with beauty like this it's hardly surprising! I for one can't wait to see more from this label.

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