Friday, October 29, 2010

Haunted Halloween Hats & The Underground Cinema

I apologise for the total lameness of this post in advance, I'm tired, it's Friday and I'm full of excuses. However, I've just realised (yes, I've only just emerged from the rock I call workload) that it's Halloween this weekend  wa ha ha haaaaaaa! So if you are going trick or treating or maybe just having a good old fashioned spooky knees up, here's what all good ghouls will be wearing on their head:

God yes I am ashamed, that was utter cheap tatt... but then so is Halloween!

However if you're to cool for ghoulish pranks, then I highly recommend you try Halloween at the Underground Cinema for size this weekend... They always put on a totally dressed-up fantastic surprise show in a secret location in Melbourne city, all in the spirit of the suspense and good times.
. Shhhhh (and make sure you dress up!). Expect the unexpected!

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