Thursday, November 4, 2010

Krochet Kids

Right I have been a terrible blogger, I set up a blog, get about 3 people reading and then just selfishly abandon them for such trivial temptations as alcohol, long weekends, friends and good times, and leave them with random lameness about Halloween. OOOOOh, but they were GREAT times with the BEST friends.  WWJD? Probably blog whilst turning his posts to wine for all readers to have a good time on too... Sigh, I have a way to go.

So in an attempt to redeem my sins, I thought I'd bring you something with a bit of a feel good factor. Something for charity and not for me (well a little bit for me), but also something pretty darn good at the same time.
Krochet Kids - The Bella

Krochet Kids was started by 3 high school friends; Kohl, Travis and Stewart of Spokane WA, who took their crocheting skills all the way to Uganda where they taught a small group local women their trade as a way of providing them with a good income and an escape route from poverty. 3 years later and they now have 100 people crocheting their own way to better times. Good times hopefully.
And do you know what my favourite finishing touch is? The inside of each hat is embroidered with the name of the lade who made it... just too perfect. 

Their beautiful knitwares are available for everyone to purchase here, and they are just super dooper good. I really want to put an order in for The Bella (Cranberry) as I'm a Bella that can't get enough red and I think you should order one too...maybe the Waldo? I just need to put in a request for international shipping!

Krochet Kids - The Waldo

Krochet Kids - The Danoches

Krochet Kids - The Ladies

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