Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Selby is on Your Bookshelf

I always read the Selby blog and want to live there, and there, and THERE, in fact nearly everywhere he features. There are so many nifty abodes in this world, it's a bit like "Through the Keyhole" for the modern era (Sorry, for those who didn't grow up in the UK in the 80's/90's - TTK was a weekly show which snooped around Z-list celebrities homes, except it didn't tell you who lived there - you had to guess from the carefully placed clues... like hmmmm this person likes reading books about Keith Chegwin, has 10 cans of hairspray in the very silver bathroom oh, and photos of Keith Chegwin on the wall, every wall that isn't covered by mirrors that is.... Who lives in a house like this? Noel Edmonds of course! Anyway, I digress, The Selby is way cooler than that. It has houses you actually want to live in and people you actually want to be!

The Selby Book - Derrick Miller & Jennifer Vaughn-Miller
The Selby is in Your Place
I was in the NGV bookshop the otherday and stumbled across The Selby is in Your Place book, obviously I was instantly attracted when I saw how much amazing taxidermy was in there and then seduced by the photos, but the deal clincher was the quirky interviews with pure class questions like "What can Storks teach us?" and "Can you draw your kettle?"

Anyway today on his blog I noticed that he has the book online until 12 November... I think that's Friday, but I might have confused the American back-to-front date thing they have going on and it could be the 11 Dec, but I think it's the former. Take a look for yourself, and I recommend you buy the book (it's a good smelling one!) From the NGV if you are in Melbourne, but of course from trusty Amazon wherever you are in the world!
Regular Selby - hrafnhildur arnardottir aka shoplifter - artist; michal jurewicz - inventor; máni lucjan jurewicz and úrsúla miliona jurewicz
Regular Selby - albert maysles - filmmaker; and gillian walker - therapist at their home
Regular Selby - erica wilson - embroidery designer and vladimir kagan - furniture designer

And here's some 80's Selby...
Part 1

Part 2

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