Sunday, November 7, 2010

A knit of alright

Wheres me jumper? Good question, but if you're missing your favourite warm yarn for the cold months, I think it might be here at Manchester-based Wheres me jumper.

With the new generation of Nans selfishly surfing the web and spending your inheritance holidaying in their flash new motor homes, there is a worldwide shortage of ye olde Granny who can actually knit. This is an issue of global importance, but don't fear Wheres me Jumper are here to fill that void. Never again will you go wanting for your own piece of knitted uniqueness just like the one you had when you were a nipper, no jumper WMJ produce is ever the same, so you will be your own fashion leader and even better you can design your own. You send them your image and they'll do all the hard yarns for you. Ace.

Where's me Jumper - Football Panda

Where's me Jumper - Yoshi
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But do you know why you really want one of their darn fine knits? Not just because they super cute, but because big knitted jumpers are all the rage. Fact. All the blogs say so and the kids of New York are wearing them. Therefore it's completely absolutely totally fully true.

I even came across this little lot all within the same week on the Design for Mankind blog (see I'm not lying!), how great are the farmyard knits by Pauline Borca?! I've added a few more of her pics cos check out the hats on them....wiiiiillld!!!! See! I reckon you should get inspired and send your own designs to the WMJ massive who will knit you up a storm of your own.

Farmyard fashions by Pauline Borca
Farmyard Hats
Toowhit Toowoo

More animal knits at Design for Mankind

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