Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I've been in Castlemaine this weekend, which historically was rich pickings for the miners of the gold rush era and is now extremely rich pickings in the current era of the vintage shopper. Antiques barns, Op shops, vintage stores, it has them all as well as being pretty as a picture and having ingots worth of good food. Ummm Hmmmm. 
I decided this weekend I would really quite like to live here. I decide that everytime I go there, maybe one day it will happen. Will work on it this time, I will! 

I wasn't there to shop though... if I was I would have been to old favourite Haberdash, I was there to do handywork, hard yakka, painting and the like at a friend's house with a crew of other tip-top fun-time workers. On the way back though not being able to resist ye olde wares, we dropped in at new vintage shop Bella Bella and I picked up this pink beauty. I'm not sure what you call a hat like this, apart from dashing - it makes me feel very 1930's!

Pinkie modelled by Herbert

Herbert looking after my precious cases of things
And a departing fact about Castlemaine... it's the original home of Castlemaine XXXX. Not that you can (or would want to) drink it there anymore, there's much nicer boutique brews on offer these days.

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