Monday, April 18, 2011

Grace "the Amazing" Jones

I am a lucky little lady I am, I have seen amazing Grace Jones not once but twice now. The first time it was the very first concert of her comeback tour in 2009, she'd just released Hurricane to great acclaim, her first album in nearly 20 years and being the devoted fan that I am I had travelled up to the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. I was blown away; the suspense, surprise, performance, music AND the costumes, the costumes were from a galaxy light years away. It was magic, I was spellbound, it was one of the best concerts ever!
Well last week, she was in Melbourne town looking as intimidatingly magnificent as the time before, but this time she'd changed her costumes. From the moment she emerged from under a large metallic curtain as an alien punk in white, this concert was definitely all about the costumes (and the hats)! They were designed by the fabulous Eiko Ishioka, who I think is just as much an inspiration as lady Grace. Eiko is 72 years old and hails from Tokyo. She has has won Grammy awards, Oscars, Academy awards, Tony awards, been on the panel of the Cannes Film festival and directed videos for Bjork. Her costumes have been in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Madam Butterfly on Broadway, Miles Davis album covers, Cirque de Soleil shows and even the 2008 Olympics!
These ladies go to show that age is no barrier to creativity, no excuses from now on!

Costume 1, the white alien punk. My favourite
La Vie en Rose, another beauty which had a cheeky behind... Grace turns round at the end of the song to reveal that this dress only has one half, the front half!
Another moment of pleasure for me, the dance of the mannequin man
First caged by lasers, then the lasers turn and attack the hat like an alien space beam
Miss Whiplash, or the rubber Medusa


  1. Thanks Lee, I am lucky!
    Love your blog, so much useful information on there :o)