Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Headwear Highlights

So I couldn't really be a self-respecting hat blog if I didn't make some comment on the heady highs of the Royal Wedding given it was such a milliners playground. Unfortunately the web only seems to be cluttered with photos of people deemed important enough by the press to get a mugshot (i.e. Royals, collapsed noses and the Beckhams), and I reckon there were probably much better hats in that big church than them - the TV footage seemed littered with view-obscuring millinery achievements. I guess fame and money pays, who'd have thunk?!.
Anyway I thought Zara and Camilla topped the Royal list, and Eugenie...... well I say fair play to her, that took some respectable madness and Fergie's spawn were always given a disadvantage in the style stakes the moment they exited the womb. So good on her, although I did keep getting flashes of the Maenad bull in True Blood. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's Stephen Jones (or was it Philip Treacy, the interweb can't make up its mind) electric blue sensation didn't quite hide her nose, and I thought Posh looked alright without a smile, although she must have been shocked to learn that real princesses don't spend their weddings on thrones!
Maybe the best bits of headwear though were amongst the peasantary in the crowd, after all the whole day was all about the commoners anyway!

Royal winner Zara Phillips
Camilla PB, never would have guessed that tampon-gate would one day top a Royal style list!
Hazza moves on from Chelsy Davy
Lady Windsor, the best looking aristocrat you never knew about
It's not their fault....
Mrs Clegg, more glamourously known as Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, chucks a cheeky smile as she spies arch nemesis Mrs Cameron's fashion failure
Straighter than her nose... I love the colour though, I think Lady PT might be the overall winer!
Inspired by Narwhals

Some might call this patriotic
Cake head
Surprisingly not invited...
Best of the day, do you know they are trained to faint forward? It's almost a sackable offense to faint backwards or put a hand out to break the fall, one must sacrifice the nose and the teeth in the line of duty! 

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