Monday, May 2, 2011

Military Millinery with Louis Vuitton FW 2011

Ok shoot me now with your sub-machine guns fashion people, but I've been hiding in the Afghan mountains and never paid much attention to Louis Vuitton, largely because I don't live in Essex and don't have sprogs to cover in the stuff.
But given the military won the Royal wedding fashion stakes and today they showed their speedy response in hunting down OBL, I thought I'd show them some admiration by posting Louis Vuitton's rather sexy (in a whip cracking sense) military millinery that graced this season's catwalks.
Now if that was compulsory military leg wear, war might be a different option...
Leg wear strangely missing....*averts gaze*
Where's your sexy cat burglar mask?
Sorry, I had to crop old duchess out, not dressed appropriately! I'd go with the option above if I were you mate. 
I'm scared...
Naomi, if they'd had her on the trail OBL would have been bashed years ago!
Kate, well 'ard
But Louis Vuitton had nothing on these guys

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