Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Albino Animal Amour

This is nothing to do with hats, but it does start with peacocks, which I love.

Although that said I came across these babies when looking up ideas for Ms S's nupital headpiece... Gotta say I am blown over by the faith that she has in me to make something suitably fabulous for her specialest of special days, when I haven't even so much as got close to making a hat! Don't worry she's safe from albino cobras... but maybe not peacocks!

Exploding peacock!
Albino Mexican Salamander, nice feathers!
David Bowie chimp
Kind of back to front, like his knees
Feeling washed out?
I'm still not messing with him even if he is dressed like a little angel
Possibly the cutest thing I ever saw. Major want!
Just wait till we get to the Arctic!
It's tough being such a spunk...
Confused??? Or best of both worlds!

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