Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Melbourne's Got Talent!

And luckily for me I can find her at the end of the phoneline or in a bar of my choice anytime I need any style, antiques, taxidermy, what stuff to buy, photography, expatriate (yes fellow Pom - actually Pom is too vulgar a word, English rose is more like it - for her not me that is) advice, or advice of any other kind for that matter! Miss Rosie is a natural style icon indeed, one of those ones who just epitomises effortless cool and chic. Yep lots of cool and chic. Lots.

In in fact so much cool and chic that her humble abode had it's own page feature in the Sunday papers a couple of weeks ago. Proper Selby style, proper famous! Pretty much everything Rosie has you want to own, except if you did it wouldn't look half as good. Part of the wondersomeness (i.e. more than awesomeness) of her stuff is that it's all quirky and has a great story... and probably had an original function lightyears away from it's current use or what your brain in its most far out mode could ever imagine. The balloon mould is my favourite case in point.

Those not as fortunate as me and not in the inner circle, can get their own piece of Rosie style advice by popping in to Tarlo & Graham at 60 Chapel St Windsor any time she's in.

(And the Eagle Eyed amongst you may have also spotted the lovely lady in a post I made in the last decade... )
In the Papers

In the Flesh


  1. I'd love my office to look like this.
    I have an old wardrobe that i started doing up like that cupboard....unfortunately i dont have the biggest of attention spans so its only half done.
    This year i will get it done! lol

  2. amazing interiors!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  3. love this picture, i would love a room in my house to look like this
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think