Monday, February 7, 2011

The rise (and fall) of the floppy felt hat

I've had 5 signs this week about floppy felt hats, which either means someone up there is telling me I should do a post on them or that I am hopelessly behind the times and should have done this 6 months ago like proper fashion people would have done. Probably the latter! They are just too perfect for dreamy strolls in the summertime breeze.
The signs:
i) Grazia tells me they're in (although no picture of the Mosster wearing one, so I'm not sure that's really true until this happens)
ii) I find one in Sportsgirl (must mean Topshop did it yonks ago)
iii) I come across this lovely blog complete with hat post
iv) And this totally gorgeous blog, which is my blog of the week
v) I spot 3 at a music festival at the weekend wearing them (amongst 10,000 people)... it seems like the straw trilby maybe phased out as the festival lovers hat of choice!

It's a sign... just make sure those wide brims don't get in your eyes ladies, that's the trouble I have with my very big and very yellow one! Positioning is key, but we must suffer for gorgeousness and mine is VERY big!

Ferne Cotton the most famous celeb I can find wearing one well, and the red is the colour I want

The most famous celebrity I can find wearing one... ahead of the times for once J-Lo!

Floppies from Catarzi, buy here

From Wise Rabbit Says

From Vogue Espana 2011 via Wise Rabbit Says
From Oracle Fox, this is exactly the look I think of when I look at one of these hats, hat from Topshop
And the perfect soundtrack for breezing around meadows in your summer dream hat...Incidentally by the incredible Kool & The Gang who I'm lucky enough to be seeing next week with the king of the Vibes Mr Roy Ayres, I hope they play this :o)

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