Monday, January 24, 2011

Fat Helens and the Return of the Hat

I've been M.I.A. round these cyberparts for a while, no I haven't forgotten about the hats, no no no the dream is still alive and well, and I haven't been travelling to Kathmandu and finding myself or anything worthwhile like that, I was more losing myself then finding anything but I did have a frikkin awesome party season! My God, it's been good... semi-permanent hangover for months WHEN WILL I GROW UP????? No one is doing a better job of smashing the wiseness from their braincells then me!  

Anyway to break the hiatus, here's a post I've been meaning to get round to for ages about one of my favourite vintage dens of all time - Fat Helens in Windsor (Melbourne). Kitscher than Jesus in a Vegas chapel, I mean where else can you find copies of 70's Playboy magazines complete with vintage muff shots, and fake turds on the same shelf (not fake turds in Playboy mind, I don't think they've ever gone that far!) ALL of my best outfits have come from this place, as well as my every growing collection of useless coloured glass wear. I think there are well over a million sequins in this shop and I've bought 100,000 of them! The best thing about it is Helen doesn't charge you ridiculous prices, she's gold. And you can always find a good hat in this place just in case you were wondering!

Take a peek at this cavern of curious delight:   
Windor's next top model

Scout and about

Believe it or not this wall of holographic divinity is the changing room door!

You've always needed one of these, admit it

Shoes free with every plastic bag purchase

I wonder if they're regretting those tattoos?

Shit Hot

Yes you do need all that plastic fruit...

Sign of the Times


  1. I'll so be checking this place out next time i'm down in Melbourne...
    Maybe add to my collection of useless coloured glass wear lol

    Love you blog!


  2. Thanks :o) You definitely should check it out, there's plenty of other vintage treats to be found nearby in Windsor/Prahran too - Chapel St Bazaar being a particular favourite, but there's also some quirky boutiques that end of Chapel if want something other than vintage. xx