Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Millinery Couture at Dior with Stephen Jones

It's no secret that I have a little fondness for Jones's; Grace and Stephen, two of an eccentric, creative, fabulous kind.

Having just taken a peak at the Dior Couture A/W Collection, the first without Galliano as its swashbuckling ringleader, I'm slightly infatuated with the candy disco-cum-fairytale shapes of SJ's headwear.  Bold and feminine, cute and delicious, making my mouth fizz like a pink Refresher. I quite want to take a bite out of those sweet looking candies. Gobstopper anyone?



  1. Some of these hats remind me of designs by theatre designer Angus Winneke held by the Arts Centre's Performing Arts Collection. If you're interested in seeing them you can search for them on the Arts Centre site!

  2. Some of these hats remind me of the Angus Winneke designs in the Arts Centre's Performing Arts Collection (check out the Search the Collection function on the AC website).

  3. Thanks Caz, I have a post in progress about the delights in the AC Collection, hopefully I'll get it up this week. Some great stuff in there! Thanks for checking by :o)