Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stephen Jones Competition Favourites (well mine) Vote here

I am very disappointed in myself that I didn't get my shizzle together a couple of years ago, as possibly I might have dared enter this once in a lifetime competition to design for Monsieur Jones, but with my entire portfolio consisting of 4 beginner "hat school" entries at present, it would only lead to severe embarrassment.
Anyway, sorry for another Stephen Jones post, I really need to diversify but he is omnipresent at the moment and if you hadn't been a stranger to the Vogue UK site, you would have been all too aware of "HAT Idol" (it's the new reality blockbuster folks) yes, public voting ends in a couple of days, so vote now for your favourites!
Unfortunately the website is highly frustrating to look through and only seems to show up the same hats all the time with some serious digging required to get to certain beauties, but there are loads of entries and I have literally spent hours looking so you don't have to (seriously you should thank me, there was some stamina required to get through it all, and I don't really agree with some of the highest voted, seems they may just have the highest number of friends... and a good photo.. EDIT - that was me being a moron, if you go to the Vogue site it is frustrating, but if you go HERE to search it is very very easy. I will never retrieve that Tuesday night I just lost, grrr)...
Here are some of my favourites in no particular order, 25 to be precise, hopefully the winner is amongst them (ok, hedging my bets slightly)!

A Delicate Balance by Sau Fen Chee (so pretty)
A Tribute to Amy Winehouse - Joosten Mueller
Arima - Harvy Santos
Bulb - Rachel Drewer (I just want to take a bite!)
Corset - Kristina Dragomir
Diana - Ashley Lloyd (breast effort.... oh god, forgive me!)
Emma Yeo
Exoskeleton - Mather Louth
Hidden Treasure - Shumik LesziewiczGordz
Kaka Makako - Eleaonora Bruno (love this picture of Autumn)
Kiku - Phillippe Urban (Go Phillippe, an I Smell a Hat Favourite)
Laura Soloman
Muscae - Rachel Forbes
Naughty Charlotte - Anya Caliendo
Night Flight - Lydia Wall
Octopus - Megan Bishop (Channeling Lady Gaga???!)
Opium Smoke Rings - Daniel Pileki

Papillion - Joyce Paton (ok, I smell a theme, I like all the ones with boobs in them...)
Perched - Danica Erard (Probably not the most original idea putting taxidermy in a SJ competition given his Stella Tennant creation, but I like it)
The Greatest Show on Earth - Stiff Pristed (I saw this in Melbourne's MX the other day and ripped the picture out before I knew it was in this competition!)
The Navigator - Sarah Butterworth
Man o War - Jessie Abraham
Nightrider - Trudy Feighery
Eye Spy - Michelle Boyd (My favourite Australian Entry)
Suspension Mohawke - Heather Huey


  1. Thanks Miss for your favourite Aussie vote! I'm loving your blog by the way, would like to have a coffee with you someday soon in Melbourne and talk hats? I'm actually doing a thesis on them!

  2. Hi Michelle, a thesis on hats, wow - Sounds like fun! I would love to catch up for a coffee one day and talk hats. I'm not sure if you can email through blogger, if you can drop me a line, otherwise my email address is soulgoose@gmail.com. AA x

  3. Love the artful expressions. The world as I know it just would melt down if any of those hats showed up. Folks can barely cope with a simple straw fedora...isn't that sad?