Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kate Moss in Hats

Who doesn't like Mossy in a hat?
Who doesn't want to be Mossy, just a little bit, maybe even for a day (or 3)?
I know!

The girl who makes bad habits desirable, and undesirable men a little bit cooler... (Ok Pete Doherty, those teeth, that skin, maybe stretching even her superpowers a little, but you know what I'm saying)

Her second favourite accessory (next to a half lit cig) is of course a hat, so I thought I'd have a little envious drool on her cool here tonight.

I feel there is more mileage in this subject matter, Kate Moss, hats, effortless cool...

Air hostess - Check

Backpacker - Check. NB Kate - this is uncool!

Snow Queen - Check

Business Casual - Check

Vintage Glamour - Check 
Parisian Sailor - Check 

Nips out looking cool - Check

Rock n' Roll Girlfriend - Check 

Disney Presenter - Check 
Glowing Bride - Check  
Teen Queen - Check 
What doesn't Mossy have covered?!!

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