Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emerging Milliners at London Fashion Week AW13 - "Headonism"

London Fashion Week is set to kick of this Friday (15th Feb) and for the 4th year will showcase the mad talent of 5 of Britain's greatest emerging milliners in an exhibition presented under a British Fashion Council initiative... and they have a few rising stars to pick from so choices would have been tough!

Stephen Jones is curating the exhibition (it's in good hands folks!), and it will feature the work of Piers Atkinson *swoon*, William Chambers *gasp*, Emma Yeo *faint*, Aurora Ozma *whimper*, and Moody & Farrell *passes out*... under the guise of "Headonism - AW 13"and will show from 15th - 19th February at Somerset House.

Aurora Ozma, Emma Yeo, and Moody & Farrell are new to the collective this year, and I have to say really worthy additions. I have been particularly blown away by the work of Emma Yeo and Moody & Farrell, as they have produced some stunning and wearable creations that I would really like to get my hands (head?) upon (under?)! I'm not quite as familiar with the work of Aurora, but I'm sure it's equally fabulous. Piers Atkinson is of course a previous ISAH favourite, so needs no introduction around these parts!

I really feel that millinery is somewhat under-represented in the various fashion weeks in Australia, which is a shame given it's heritage through the Melbourne cup. Wouldn't it be amazing to see a similar initiative here, which Australian rising stars do you think should be put in the spotlight?

See below for some of my favourite examples of the works of the 5 milliners featured, no idea if these will be in the exhibition or not, but they are ones that caught a bit of my fancy:

What a wonderful video from Piers Atkinson, brings out dreams of a bygone era

William Chambers  Photo from here 
Emma Yeo 

Emma Yeo LOVE this!
Aurora Ozma 
Moody & Farrell - Straw Bear
Moody & Farrell - Cecil Bee 
Moody & Farrell - The Horn Dance

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