Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Love to Bjork & Bea Szenfeld

Bjork in Bea Szenfeld (AnOther Magazine)
 After Amazing Grace Jones, Bjork has to come a very well deserved second in the totally outlandish, outrageous (and sometimes utterly barmy), but always totally amazing pop fashion stakes... who can forget the Swan?! I know Gaga is snapping at the bit and chomping at the heels of these two, but frankly she's really just not as genuinely batty as either. A mere pretender, although I admit to being partial to her fashion wares, (meat dress I love you), her music doesn't even get close to the quality of the Gracemeister & the Bjorkster.

I saw this picture of Bjork today in some spectacular all in one neck/headwear and just had to post... it kind of follows the theme from yesterdays all in one beany/beard manifestation.

This headwear sensation is designed by Swedish fashion obscurist Bea Szenfeld, check out her other tremendous fashion delights here.
Marvellous stuff, I wish I could wear one to work tomorrow!

More Bjork and Szenfeld marvellousness

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