Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hats for Birds

Hip Hawks

Tiroler Goldschmied Falconry Hoods

Hats aren't just for the privilege of humans to adorn their noggins with, not wanting to be outdone birds are getting in on the action too. Or rather the flash birds of prey of Abu Dhabi are.

Italian jewellery house Tiroler Goldschmied has designed these falconry hoods for the Abu Dhabi Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition this week.
Now is it just me but that wet and muddy concept sounds pretty strange for an oil rich nation in the middle of the desert, but website advertises such joys as "camel auctions" and "saluki beauty contests" as well as the opportunity to purchase the latest camping, hunting, equestrian and weaponry equipment from over 500 brands... so I must be wrong. I do admit I like the sound of camping weaponry, perfect for silencing the family next door who never clean the BBQ, or that couple who just came to shag loudly...TENTS DON'T HAVE WALLS PEOPLE - IT'S JUST AN ILLUSION! Anyway.

If you want to get your hawk kitted out, you'll have to have a spare $6,000- $25,000 but it will be the most blingtastic (but blind) bird in the area, so probably completely worth it.

That also got me looking into bird wear in general and I found these beauties for all you pigeon fanciers out there. Crotchet is become quite a theme here, but these winter warmers were made by artist Laurel Roth, who I'm going to have to do another feature on one day as she is quite eccentric and fabulous. Right up my alley if nothing else because she makes brilliant art with dead things and peacocks!

Laurel Roth keeping pigeons warm in winter
Laurel Roth Beyond Darwin



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