Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C'est fantastique - Justin Smith @ Paris Fashion Week!

Justin Smith - Illumination S/S 2011 Paris Fashion Week

Justin Smith is absolutely hands down my favourite milliner de jour and about 5 seconds on his website should be more than enough time for him to become yours too! Simply to die for creations, and some of mother nature's creations literally did for his, (I'm not entering that debate here - all natural causes I'm sure!) but I'd be more than happy for my remains to hang of the brim of one of his masterpieces!  
His pieces go far outside the bog standard realms of a hat just being something to wear on your head, and bring in concepts from previously unimagined dimensions, challenging your spatial awareness and smashing your perceptions of what headwear could and should be.... whilst at the same time remaining completely and utterly wearable, except maybe the stained glass wonder at the top of the page ! Please Santa I've been a good girl, I NEED one for Christmas, pretty please :op

Justin's new Spring/Summer 2011 Collection will be shown at Paris Fashion Week from 1-3rd October, and I for one am getting slightly damp with excitement, not that I can actually go and see it but I'm hoping ye old interweb can help me out with that.   

In the meantime, here's a few of my favourites from his last collection - Shade (A/W 2010)

For more see his website -

Justin Smith King Wardour

Justin Smith - Rupert

Justin Smith - Walker

Justin Smith - Countess Acacia

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