Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hats Off ACMI & Mimi Wendell

No really, it's Hats Off at ACMI on Sun 3rd and Tues 5th Oct. My ACMI insider tipped me off on this one (yes fab fashion film programmer James strikes again), and although I'm slightly disconcerted about it featuring in the seniors film festival (is it senior because it's about someone with many years life experience, or because an audience with an Everest amount of acquired wisdom knows that hats rock, or maybe because the young are ignorant?), the beautiful upside of this is not only is it a bargainous $3 but carers get in free - time to get creative I say!

Anyway, on with the film.. it is directed by Jyll Johnston and stars 93 year old actress Mimi Wendell, who at the positively preschool age of 90 was named one the of 50 most beautiful people in New York, by none other than the New Yorker Magazine. (Yeah, suck on that botox, so redundant, oh and you shiny filler face and goldfish lips, so last week, here's the newsflash - having a life and a good hat wins!)  

Mimi is seemingly an inspirational powerhouse, who started acting age 65 following the death of her husband and now has weekly gymnastics and dance classes, a burgeoning career and charisma and vivacity by the bucketload.  During this time Mimi has been in ads for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Juicy Couture, and Nike; in photo spreads for Vanity Fair and Vogue; on TV series including Sex and the City (Stanford's grandmother) and Law and Order; and in feature films such as: Across the Universe, Hitch, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. Wow, I am totally put to shame!

Oh, and to top all of this, she has an absolutely stupendous collection of hats. Yep this woman has it all going on. Go check her out at the Melbourne premier of the film at ACMI.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image: Sun 3 Oct 2010, 1.30pm, Tue 5 Oct 2010, 12.15pm

"If you're not tickled and stirred by the sight of her 95-pound frame kicking off sheets and leaping out of bed to answer a phone - a gig, maybe! - then shame on you" Los Angeles Times 

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