Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flight of the Aviator

Oak Aviator modelled by air

Well I'm new to this whole blogging phenomenon (yes, I guess that makes me a late developer) and I'm not quite sure about the whole etiquette thing so I've probably royally ffffd up here, but if you chance upon something great, flatter the place you found it, tell the 3 readers you have where to get it and link link link the hell out of it, then it's ok to sneak a couple of their pictures to help in the promotion???? Ummm, I'm sure this is a blogging FAIL and tantamount to cybersuicide, but here goes...
The totally trend inspiring super smashing great fashion blog High Snobette, featured these totally like well cool aviator hats by Oak the other day and they are just all totally fantastic and I love them loads. No really I MEAN it, these hats have made me drool pools in a rather embarrassing manner and High Snobette provides me with a daily fashion fix of things that I absolutely NEED must have... and you will too.

When I saw them the other day, it reminded me of the slightly old and battered aviator hat I rescued from the archives of The Junk Company on Elizabeth Street (Melbourne) a few months ago. I've been fascinated by this hat every since I got it, I mean, who wore it? Where did they go? What adventures has it seen? That's the amazing thing for me about old things and why I love collecting what everyone else seems to call junk, it's all the wear and tear that gives it character and tells a story. It's all about the story. So here's my aviator modelled by my Danish friend, also old. 

My aviator modelled by Dansk Harry
Did I say you can get one here...

Fly away!


  1. Love the hat, looking for one myself - preferably vintage, and cheap too would be a bonus. Know where I could get one? Also trying to hunt down some goggles. Im in Melbourne, like you!

  2. Sorry about the late response - I had a blog holiday! I recommend the best places to look are Fat Helens on Chapel St and the Chapel St Bazaar. Also, I have seen goggles in the Army Surplus store on Chapel St too, which would probably be quite cheap. All of these are located in Chapel St Windsor/Prahran x